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Ethical Hacking & IT Security Workshop

Online Live Practical Workshop on Ethical Hacking & Cyber Security

It will be a live Workshop where in the Participants would be Performing on their own Systems.

Duration: 4 Hrs

Email Security(Phishing)
Netbanking Security
Mobile Security
Social Media Attacks & Safeguard
Data Privacy
....& More.

Sunday, 2nd August 2020 Time: 9 AM - 1 PM

Fees: Rs. 1000/- for Anyone who is interested in Cyber Security Domain

Payment accepted using Google Pay / Netbanking Transfers. Payment Details are mentioned in the form

For more Details

Email: info@skynetsecure.com

Contact : +91 9867700095

Registration Form:Please click on the Link to register--> Registration Link

*Online Workshop would be through Google Meet / Microsoft Teams

*Note: Meeting ID or Link via Whatsapp and Email id will be shared 2 hrs before the Session begins

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Cyber Crime Dangers & its Preventions

I am sure you must be aware of the growing dangers of Cyber Crime and its rapid evolution in INDIA with the prime targets been the young youth, students & also GOVT Departments. Cyber awareness has become the need of the hour. We have been successfully conducting seminars across Colleges & Universities, Govt depts. regarding dangers of Cyber Crime & safeguards against it.

The topics that would be covered are:- Types of cyber crime (Nigerian Scams, credit cards, Net banking frauds).Recent Internet Banking frauds & their modus-operandi.Cyber Crime Cases (Past, present, & what can we expect in future).Social networking Frauds (how the youngsters are becoming the targets, Facebook Scams).How the cyber criminals operate & how cyber crimes are committed.Latest Amendments to the I.T ACT 2000.Cyber war between China/U.S & India/Pakistan.How best to prevent been a victim of Cyber Crime & safety measures.Where & how to file cyber complainsSafety tips of internetDuration: 2 hours If time permits we will try & cover more topics.